Our Mission

One for one.

As the name might imply, we believe that we are all connected, and we believe that we have a responsibility to others. Our founder has a dual Ph.D in Neuroscience and Physiology, and has dedicated the last decade of her life to researching the benefits of cannabinoids. As the first point of contact for thousands of patients, she heard first hand countless stories of how CBD was both life-changing… and out of reach. For many people, CBD is just too expensive. Quite often, those who need it most are the ones who have already depleted their savings trying to fight an illness or condition.

So we built a company with the goal of making high quality CBD accessible to everyone who needs it. The business model is simple. For every Six Degrees product purchased, we donate one to someone in need.

Who is Six Degrees for?

• Patients with higher dosage needs
• Low income individuals
• People with unique financial constraints

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If you feel like you or someone you love would benefit from our ONE-for-ONE program, then enter your information here letting us know about your unique situation.

Once we get to know you we will issue you a unique purchase code that friends or family can use to make their own purchases on the site. For every bottle they purchase, a bottle gets sent directly to you – no strings attached, and no limit to how many bottles you can receive through the support of your network.

Strength in Numbers

We’re looking for partnerships, if you’re doing something worthwhile, we want to be a part of it.

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