Started by scientists.

Six Degrees Wellness was started by scientists.

Our founder was a clinical researcher in medicinal cannabis who saw day in and day out the profoundly positive impact that hemp-derived compounds were having on people of all ages.

But as we learn, and the industry grows, and some major problems have arisen:

  • There isn’t a commitment to pure, organic, high quality ingredients.
  • Many products are of low or unknown potency, with no third party testing.
  • Products are expensive, and often unaffordable for those that need them most.
  • There is not enough rigorous scientific research being done to understand these compounds.

So, we’ve started something new, to disrupt all that.

But why us?

Analyze This

We subject our hemp to frequent testing to ensure that it is free of pesticides, herbicides, and falls within guidelines for THC levels. Once extracted and bottled, we test to make sure that the product inside the bottle matches what is being said on the label. Then, as our tinctures age, we test yet again, because organic compounds change with age. All tests are performed by 3rd party labs, and the resulting Certificates of Analysis are posted on this site for all to see.

Good processes matter

There is currently no regulation concerning where CBD products must be produced. Nevertheless, we believe it is important for our products to be manufactured in an FDA-approved, food-grade facility, not someone’s basement. After all, our CBD is going into your body, so it should be as clean and pure as possible.

Strength in numbers.

We’re looking for partnerships, if you’re doing something worthwhile,
we want to be a part of it.

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