Do good. Feel good.

Six Degrees CBD is more than just good for the body,
it’s good for the soul. For every CBD product you buy,
we give one to someone in need.


High quality hemp-derived goodness.

For you, and for those that need it but can’t afford it.
We started this company to improve access to the healing power of these compounds – for everyone.

For every bottle we sell, we give one to an individual or an organization who needs it.
Let’s get better together.

Our full-spectrum tinctures

are designed to help support a more balanced and healthy you. In addition to CBD, they are high
in beta-caryopyllene, alpha-bisabolol, and many other beneficial terpenes that occur naturally in
the plant. Available in four different concentrations to meet your specific needs.

Sustainable Farming Practices

Organically grown

3rd party testing

GMP manufactured

CO2 Extraction

Cruelty free

1 FOR 1

Why one for one?

Because it’s the right thing to do. Before we were making CBD products, we were CBD researchers, and we came across a lot of people who desperately needed CBD but couldn’t afford it. We decided to do something about that.

Who benefits

• Patients with higher dosage needs
• Low income individuals
• People with unique financial constraints



What People are Saying.

I’ve been active my whole life, but after I reached my 60’s, things just started to slow me down. After taking 6 Degrees, rock climbing just feels easier than it was before.


This doesn’t feel like a drug that crashes on you and knocks you over, but more like a gentle tide that wraps around you and lifts you up.


Bottles Donated



We’ve donated over 1101 bottles to people in need,
and we’re just getting started.

Strength in numbers.

We’re looking for partnerships, if you’re doing something worthwhile,
we want to be a part of it.

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